Monday, April 27, 2009

sneaky humans

Today my humans (Momsy and Daddy) did something really mean to me and my sister Tia and my cousin Ariel. After all that we have done and tried to do for them my rotten humans got up this morning and played a really mean trick on us. First of all, we had finally gotten our toys put just where we wanted them and we were sitting down to rest when they got up. What did they do? They disturbed our rest and moved all those toys in to the little hard box and off the floor.
Then, they took the really big bed in the front room (where they keep the talking boxes) and moved it away from the hard air. When he did it (cause Daddy moved it) he put it down on top of Ariel and didn't tell me. She started calling me to let me know and I had to rush over and tell Daddy she was stuck. But she was ok. Then, and this is the really mean part, he didn't let me go under to explore it.
So if you have humans of your own (you don't really count Clancy. Your just a dogg) watch out for mean tricks.
May your home be filled with happy humans.
Bubba Zee

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dealing with Pets

Meow, Rrrrruurah meow murrow Merrrrr -- Oh wait I forgot Humans will be looking at this too.
My adorable skinbaby Momsy told me that there is an old rival of mine on this thing that said she'd never seen a c-log, so I am going to do this from time to time so that Clancy does not have to keep looking in the drain for one.
I have a very lazy male human to deal with. He insists on sleeping during hunt time I have been tyring to teach him the fine points of catching mice for years, but he just can't seem to understand that they are most active at 4:00 to 6:00 in the morning. So each morning I climb up and try to wake him. I say try because he doesn't usually understand. Mostly he just wraps his paws around me and falls asleep again.
Sometimes Momsy will get up and feed me but she more often just tells me to lay down and go to sleep.
They just don't get it this is time for the hunt.
Well that's it for now I have some very important sleeping of my own to do so I can try again in the morning to teach them to hunt.
May your home be filled with happy humans!!
Bubba Zee